This annual city-wide coding competition helps high school students learn from professionals in the field. Through Ctrl+Shift, teens are able to put their web development skills into practice in a fun and competitive environment. After several weeks of mentoring sessions, the students present their websites and compete for a chance to win cash prizes.

What You'll Learn

•   Grow your web development skills
•   Opportunity to showcase those tech skills
•   Mentorship from tech professionals
•   Chance to win cash prizes.

Who this Competition is For

•   Students in grades 9-12 in Philadelphia

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for the program?
The program is open to high school students in the Philadelphia area.

When does registration open?
Registration opens around February. Check back or sign up for our email list for updates.

When is the competition held?
This is a 6-week program, with the workshops and mentoring sessions beginning in mid-March leading up to the competition finals in early May.

Will the program be in-person or virtual?
The program is hybrid with both virtual workshops and in-person mentoring sessions. The final competition is in-person.

Is there a cost for enrollment?
No, CBK programs are free for all participants. The Ctrl+Shift finalists will receive cash prizes.

I’ve participated in the competition before, may I enter again?
Any previous participant in the competition that has been awarded a prize for their submission may not enter this year. Any previous entrant who meets the eligibility requirements and hasn’t been awarded a prize previously may compete again.

Schedule/Important Dates

•   Registration opens in February
•   Check back or sign up for our email list for updates.

What Students are Saying

“As someone who's interested in going into computer science, especially web development, it's always a great opportunity to work with Coded by Kids. It gives you such an amazing opportunity to come together with your friends and peers to network, develop your skills and learn about so many different facets of design.” - Sultan, student
“Ctrl+Shift was an amazing experience for me because I could teach and learn from students at the same time. Pushing students to think outside of the box when approaching problems is one of my favorite parts of teaching, and I got to do that while learning about their interests as they designed their websites.” - Jesse, CBK Instructor
"Since I started this program, a new career path has opened. Originally, I wanted to go to college for some sort of mechanical or civil engineering. But now, there's this new option…and that's that's huge to me." - Spencer, student
"It's just really amazing getting to work with just such a diverse group of kids with so many different interests and both in the technology that they're using as well as in how they're applying it and how they're using technology to share with the world, the things that they love and that they want other people to know about." - MaiAda, volunteer

Program Overview:

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